About Us

Welcome to ieltsatoz.com. This website is entirely dedicated to individuals who intend to take the IELTS exam and hope to get a high band score. If you are preparing for the IELTS exam on your own, it is recommended that you study about the IELTS exam format, commonly asked questions, and the various components of the IELTS exam. This website's goal is to supply you with all of the IELTS resources you'll need to study in order to get a high band score.

This website is structured into four basic parts (IELTS Preparation, IELTS Practice tests, Sample Answers, and Lessons & Tips) that cover every aspect of the actual IELTS test. Each section includes practice for the appropriate IELTS module of the actual IELTS exam, as well as an opportunity to develop specific abilities that will aid you both on the IELTS test and in your general English language use.

The grammar section describes various types of grammar that help to enrich good scores in writing and speaking tests, as grammar accounts for 25% of the marks in the IELTS exam. It also includes a quiz on all grammar topics to help you understand the material better.

The Reading section helps you to introduce yourself to the actual IELTS exam by reading different topics. It also has some tips and tricks that make you understand the topic more precisely and enable you to find the correct answers. .

These IELTS listening practice exercises, methods, and ideas will teach you exactly how to get a good score on the test. Listening multiple choice, Map labeling, Distractors, and Sentence completion procedures are all thoroughly explained in this section. Work through each lesson since each one focuses on a different ability that you will need to excel on the test. .

Idioms, phrasal verbs, common topic related vocabulary are discussed in there. .